Tune of the Month

July 2014 Three Around Three
August 2014 The Man in the Moon
September 2014 The Ball
October 2014 Will’s Way
November 2014 Albert Farmer’s Bonfire Tune
December 2014 Hunt The Squirrel / The Sussex Carol
January 2015 Josephin’s Waltz
February 2015 The Quaker
March 2015 Dingle Regatta
April 2015 The Fairy Dance
May 2015 Rusty Gulley
June 2015 The Sussex Polka
July 2015 Beatrice Hill’s Three-Handed Reel
August 2015 Worcester Hornpipe
September 2015 The Plane Tree
October 2015 The Sloe
November 2015 Sussex Bonny Breast Knots
December 2015 The Halsway Schottische/Drive The Cold Winter Away
February 2016 The Curly Headed Ploughboy
March 2016 Fox and Geese
April 2016 Le Canal en Octobre
May 2016 Old Lancashire Hornpipe
June 2016 Drops of Brandy
July 2016 Magpie Lane
September 2016 The Cotillion
October 2016 Horses’ Brawl
February 2017 Great North Run
April 2017 Black Joke
May 2017 South Wind
June 2017 Queen’s Delight
July/August 2017 Harliquin Air/The Shropshire Lass
September 2017 Four Up
November 2017 Bagpipers
January 2018 Orange in Bloom
February 2018 Foul Weather Call
March 2018 Rosalie the Prairie Flower
May 2018 The Month of May
October 2018 The Girl With The Blue Dress On
November 2018 The Fiery Clockface
January 2019 Da Slockit Light
February 2019 Valentine
March 2019 Astley’s Ride
May 2019 Banbury Bill
June 2019 Mad Moll (of the Cheshire Hunts)
August 2019 The Steamboat Hornpipe
November 2019 The Perfect Cure
January 2020 Traveller’s Joy
February 2020 Planxty Irwin
March 2020 Whinham’s Reel